”Lets take a break ” in this phrase, what does it mean for you ?

The Project “ V A I S A O " is for delivering the real meaning of ”Lets take a break ” to modern people.

In our modern day society, new products come and fade away infinitely. Our solution is to take another look at an existing things which has already been.


In the edo period, there are a guy called Baisao who is known as an evangelist of Japanese tea. He travelled extensively and sold Sencha tea to teach Zen practice people over the world.

Times have changed to 2016, technology has been rapidly developing and we are loosing a real meaning of COMMUNICATION in our modern day.

This project is to revive of Baisao and his practice in order to focus on the value of communication.

We deliver the message of importance of communication through the tea as if modern version of “VAISAO”


Lets treasure the value of time

People say ”Lets take a break !”
People say ”Lets have a smoke !"

We are seeking relaxing and happiness in our daily life,

Take a moment and ask yourself how much time spending time on your tiny screen everyday?

At some point in time , people spend too much time on their screen and never let it go.
They have been losing a nature of BREAK.

So this project has began to deliver a real break time with the message “Lets treasure the value of time ” 



In this envelope contains 10 g of Japanese green tea and its package illustration tells you a simple traditional way of brewing Japanese tea.

why don’t you make a great tea for people you love ?


In this envelope contains 10g of Japanese green tea

The idea is inspired by the “TEA POSTCARD” from Japanese traditonal cusotms.

Put a post stamp on this TEA POSTCARD and write address you want to deliver .

Send it over and ask “how are you doing ?” to your friends, with your message, say hello to your family friends who haven’t seen each other in a while .